News about Tekom Vertalers

Tekom is always moving. It’s in our DNA. We are always working on new ideas and improving our existing (translation) processes. Our goal is to become the perfect service provider in the field of language and translation. There is always room for improvement, of course. Tekom Vertalers is happy to inform you of our developments and other news.

News about translation

The translation industry is always moving. Technological developments are making translation work quicker and cheaper. We’re not talking about Google Translate, though. The human brain of the translator is increasingly supported by technology. This allows the translator to deliver their work quicker and more consistently. Tekom Vertalers is happy to keep you informed.

News about language

Language is subject to change. New words arise, but some words also go out of fashion. New languages are still being discovered and languages go extinct. Tekom Vertalers is happy to keep you informed.