Translation agency for professional translations in any language

Tekom Vertalers, the translation agency from Hoofddorp, has been delivering professional translation services of the highest quality since 1976,  in all languages and all specialist fields. Besides translation, we offer other language-related services. For example,  Het Stemmenbureau, Tekom’s voice-over agency, voices your spoken message in more than 50 languages. We also provide in-company language courses and interpreting services.

Our translation agency has been around since 1976 and we see ourselves as a pioneer in the area of business translation services.


Tekom Vertalers has at its disposal an international network of more than 750 carefully selected freelance translators. This enables us to provide translations in any language and in any specialist field, whatever the style of writing. We are well versed in the specialist technology used in a range of disciplines, including agriculture and horticulture and the academic, commercial, medical, legal and technical sectors. In addition to this, we are specialised in SEO translations and in website management.

Double check
Tekom Vertalers works exclusively with native speakers who translate into their native language. This applies to all translations in all 76 languages. All translations are checked by a second native speaker before delivery. This guarantees translations of the highest possible quality.

Customised translation
Tekom Vertalers provides tailored services. Our translators become acquainted  with your business terminology and give consideration to your target group. From the first assignment, a terminology list is maintained and a translation memory is created on our translation platform. This platform allows our translators and revisors to work together. This guarantees translation consistency and an appropriate tone of voice.  Our employees would be happy to discuss your personal wishes.

Urgent Assignment or Quotation

Tekom’s vision

Tekom aims to search for new and better ways to provide translation services for its customers, with respect for the art of translation. Working with our translators, we want to find ways to apply technology that increases productivity and supports work processes. We do not want to change professional practice from the outside; we want to initiate change from within.


Everyone who works with Tekom Vertalers has signed a confidentiality agreement and is therefore bound by contract to refrain from sharing with third parties in any way whatsoever any information relating to the content of the documents viewed.

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Tekom Vertalers has an ISO 17100 quality certificate for translation services. This guarantees that your translation is in good hands at our agency.

Our Team

  • Ingeborg Verduijn

    Ingeborg grew up with Tekom. Her parents had the business at home and they talked a lot about work at home. Ingeborg has been involved with Tekom since 1999 and took over the company in 2005.

  • Mieke Tangali-Jharap

    Mieke started working at Tekom as a management assistant 15 years ago. At that time she knew nothing about translation, but she quickly proved to have a talent for organisation. As the office manager, she keeps a close eye on business operations and has everything under control.

  • Leandro Ardiles

    Leandro is an ambitious project manager from Argentina. He started out as a Spanish translator and has been working for us since May 2016. He has acquired considerable knowledge about translation in CMS systems. He is the project manager who usually supervises our website translations.

  • Renée van der Laan

    Our junior project manager Renée has a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, with a minor in Translation Studies. In her free time, Renée loves to travel. She has already visited 46 countries (out of 200) on her bucket list. You can therefore call Renée for travel tips as well as for translation assignments.

  • Daan Folkeringa

    Daan started with us in August 2019 as a junior translator/project manager. After obtaining his BA in English Language and Culture, he has just completed his Master’s in Translation. Daan is creative, eager to learn and good at seeing the big picture – he’s an asset to the team.

  • Florence Ghesquier

    Our French translator, Florence Ghesquier, is always cheerful. She is passionate about her profession and demands very high standards from the freelancers in her language group. Her motto is ‘quality above all’. She studied Translation at the University of Paris VIII.

  • Rachel Nefkens

    Rachel is our American English translator, but she also has French blood through her French father. She studied Lettres Modernes at the Sorbonne in Paris for a short time. With 15 years of experience as a translator and a copywriter, she is an asset to our team.

  • Djamilla Alleman

    Djamilla Alleman is our Dutch translator. She started working for us as an intern and quickly proved to be a great talent. She is creative and very fast. After completing her master’s degree in Translation, she joined Tekom as an in-house translator.

  • Wendy van Ruiten-Toye

    Wendy started working for us in the late eighties as a freelance translator. In 2010 she discontinued her translation activities temporarily in order to study linguistics. She has been working for Tekom as an in-house translator since 2017. Her native language is British English.

  • Cosmo

    Cosmo is an enthusiastic office dog. He is happy, obedient and always willing to listen. Whatever happens, Cosmo stays calm, but when he goes outside at lunchtime, he really lets his hair down. The challenge is to make sure he does not get too dirty so that he can doggedly resume his tasks afterwards.