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Sworn translations required for relocation to the Netherlands

Fortunately, when highly skilled migrants who are brought over to the Netherlands with their families, a great deal can be arranged through the employer. Many employers engage the help of agencies such as “The Relocation Company”, to make sure everything goes smoothly. The migrant will nonetheless have to help out with certain things. A number of documents must be submitted and – also of importance – a number of matters will require a ‘sworn’ translation. We often assist in this process, so we thought it would be useful to offer a list of documents that migrants will have to submit, which may require a sworn translation.

What is a sworn translation?

When you are dealing with official agencies, you will need a sworn translation of your documents. Such certification ensures that the translation of your document is legally valid. A sworn translator must be registered with the Dutch Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (RBTV) and has taken an oath before a Dutch court. The sworn translator provides a declaration that the translation is a truthful representation of the original.

It is advisable to have the document translated in the Netherlands, as you may need additional legalisation if the translation is not recognised in the Netherlands.

What might you need a sworn translation for?

To obtain a residence permit, you will need an Antecedents Declaration for all your family members. If the Dutch form cannot be used or if additional documentation is required, you will need a sworn translation for these.

If your partner is accompanying you, you will need a sworn translation of your Marriage Certificate or, if applicable, the Registered Partnership Deed. If there is no situation involving marriage or registered partnership, then a relationship declaration can be sufficient, provided it is supplemented with a legalised declaration of unmarried status from your country of origin for the main applicant and his or her accompanying partner. This must also be furnished with a sworn translation.

For your accompanying children, a sworn translation of their birth certificates and documents proving you have legal custody will be required. If applicable, these will have to be supplemented by a sworn translation of the statement of consent, with a copy of the identity documents of the other parent.

European blue card

The European blue card is a work and residence permit that makes it possible for highly skilled workers from outside the EU to live and work in Europe. After working for one year in their EU country of residence, blue card holders will find it easier to travel within the EU – and their families are permitted to join them.

Supplementary documents are needed when applying for a blue card. Most documents will be issued in English or Dutch and will be suitable. These include an employer’s statement, an employment contract or copies of travel documents. But for the blue card, you will also need a copy of your diploma and the original diploma evaluation from Nuffic. Nuffic often requires a sworn translation of your diploma for the diploma evaluation.

Want to know more?

Please contact us for advice on the sworn translation of your documents.

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