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Are you looking for a good financial translation for your company or situation? Look no further. Four reasons why you should choose Tekom:

Financial translation | translation agency | Tekom Vertalers

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Financial translations | translation agency | Tekom

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Financial translations | translation agency | Tekom


Financial translations | translation agency | Tekom

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ISO-certified financial translations

Our procedure for financial translations is certified in accordance with ISO 17100:2015. The ISO 17100:2015 standard is an international standard for translation services. The requirements of this standard relate to the knowledge level of translators, the competence of the project managers, the use of skilled revisors and the workflow. Tekom Vertalers is audited by the renowned inspection institution Kiwa every year.

The best translation agency for financial translations

Financial translation is a specialism. Correct financial terminology and broad economic knowledge are required for a good financial translation. Translation agency Tekom has a team of translators specialised in financial translations for documents such as annual reports, stock market reports, profit and loss accounts, tax documents, audit opinions, quarterly reports,  annual accounts, treasury bills, derivatives, business plans and investment plans. Our translation agency has built up a database with financial terminology over the years.

A good financial translation

A good financial translation requires professional knowledge. Financial terminology is so specific that a novice simply would not understand or would misinterpret a complex financial document. In the case of a translation, this could have catastrophic consequences. It is therefore strongly advisable to engage a financial specialist for your translation. Tekom Vertalers works with such financial specialists. They translate into their native language and their work is then revised by a second translator. You can therefore rest assured that your financial documents are in safe hands with us.


Your financial documents are in good hands with us. All of our employees are contractually obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality. Our translation agency has advanced security systems and certified data destruction. You can send us your confidential documents without any concerns. We will make sure these documents are handled with the greatest possible care. However, it would be wise to send us your documents in an encrypted form and to give us the password separately.


Our translation agency has experience with translating annual reports, financial reports, stock market reports, budgets,  profit and loss accounts, tax documents, audit opinions  and other financial documents. We translate for listed companies, financial consultants and accounting firms. Most of our translators have worked in the financial sector or have an economic background.

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