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Our translation agency provides legal translations in an ISO 17100:2015 certified manner. We have every right to call ourselves the all-round specialist in the field of legal translation. Tekom Vertalers is an internationally operating translation company. We have been providing legal translations for legal firms and legal departments of multinationals for more than 40 years.

The translation of legal documents requires thorough legal knowledge. Are there articles of association, a contract, a written pleading or another legal text that you need to have professionally translated? Tekom Vertalers is an internationally-active translation company that leading legal firms and legal departments of multinationals have been turning to for legal translations for more than 40 years.

To safeguard the quality of these translations, Tekom maintains a carefully-compiled team of translators both in the Netherlands and abroad.

General terms and conditions 

Have us translate your general terms and conditions in a competent manner. Ask for a quote first. Because of our extensive legal database of previously translated terms and conditions, it could be that we already have part of your translation readily available. You can benefit from this.

Contracts, notarial deeds

Let us translate your contracts and notarial deeds, sworn if necessary. The translation of these types of documents is too important not to leave it up to professionals.

Specialised in legal translations

We can deliver professional legal translations in all conceivable language pairings — and, where required, each one can be a sworn translation (beëdigde vertaling under Dutch law).

For legal translations, the correct wording is important. Contrary to other domains, a legal text can only be interpreted in one way and only one correct legal translation is possible. This sounds simple, but it requires thorough legal knowledge.

The legal translators of Tekom Vertalers are very accurate and well aware of the legal systems in the countries of their respective language combination(s). Our translation agency provides legal translations in an ISO17100:2015 certified manner in more than 60 languages.


In short, we have every right to call ourselves the all-round specialist in the field of legal translation.

Written pleadings and defences

Written pleadings and defences often contain complex case law. A translator must understand this complexity and translate it well and unambiguously. The specialised translators of Tekom Vertalers will provide this for you.

Also, we can help with...

  • Judgements or rulings, summonses, court orders
  • Articles of association, powers of attorney, patents, prospectus documentation and licenses

Our strength

“Since 1976 we translate in 74 languages with 748 translators"