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Translating marketing texts does not only require specific knowledge about marketing, it requires creativity and a feeling for the language. In an advertising text, for example, the aim and the tone of the copywriter must be conveyed in the target language. It is not just about translating words, the translator has to convey the right message. That is why Tekom Vertalers employs native speakers for the translation of marketing texts. To assure you that the words that are not literally written down are also translated.

We deliver creative translations of promotional and commercial material to diverse clients, such as marketing agencies, advertising agencies, PR agencies and design bureaus.

ISO certified marketing translations

Our approach for marketing translations is ISO 17100:2015 certified. The ISO 17100:2015 standard is an international standard for translation services. The requirements of this norm are related to the knowledge level of translators, the competence of the project managers, the use of skilled revisors and the workflow. Tekom Vertalers is audited by the renowned inspection institution Kiwa every year.

We can translate your:

Poster texts, product campaigns, marketing and advertising texts, advertisements, brochures and flyersand folders. If your statement is not properly translated, your foreign adventure may soon be a waste of money.

Newsletters and press releases: form is very important when translating newsletters and press releases. The standard structure might differ per language. Our translators are aware of this. In addition, fast delivery times are essential for translations with news value.

Websites: Tekom Vertalers is specialised in search engine friendly website translations. Our translators are trained by the SEOguru. The investment in your translated website will pay off thanks to the findability in the target language.

Slogans: Translating slogans is an art in itself. It is almost impossible to translate them literally. Conveying the message is essential. This is our approach. We discuss the wish of the customer (target audience, connotation, message), brainstorm with our internal team of language experts and propose one or a few suggestions. That is why you always pay a fixed rate for the translation of a slogan.

Native speakers

For all our translations, we use native speakers with extensive translation experience. The native speaker principle (translators who only translate into their native language) is essential for marketing translations. All translations are checked by a second native speaker before delivery just to make sure.

No literal translations

Translating marketing texts is all about an elegant non-literal translation of the source text. The aim of the translation is not to translate word by word or sentence by sentence, but to convey the message, connotation and the atmosphere of a text. The translators take a certain freedom to deviate from the source text without affecting the message. This is basically about the grey zone between a literal translation and copywriting. We are masters in this field.

The most important aspect of marketing translations is a good grasp of the desired style and target audience. It is also important to clearly establish how much freedom a translator is given. However, language is subjective, and despite our careful consideration, the translation might not directly fit the desired style of the client. We ask that you as a client trust our expertise. We will gladly adapt the text further to your wishes in consultation with you. In this way, you will be spared unnecessary time loss and frustration related to adjusting texts, no mistakes will occur and we will be fully aware of your style preferences for the next project.


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