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Responsible for the safety in your workplace

We dare to say that we are best technical translation agency in the Netherlands. We understand that accuracy is vital. Last year, Polish construction workers were injured in the UK as a result of a translation error. We are aware of this responsibility and have been translation for the safety departments of construction giants such as CRH and BAM for years and satisfactorily.

Instruction videos and e-learning

As a technical translation agency, we offer more than just the translation of technical texts. We also voice instruction videos and entire e-learning modules for multiple parties. This allows you to easily transfer knowledge to your foreign employees or explain the applicable safety precautions to them.

technical translation agency

Why choose a technical translation agency?

Technical translations call for an entirely different approach than, for example, legal translations. When translating the manual of a machine, for example, the translator must be able to visualise the operation of the machine, as it were. What cannot be dispensed with is consistency in using the right terminology. Wherever necessary, we will consult you about correct usage. In addition, we have a responsible task as a technical translation agency. Translation errors can lead to great damage to your machines, employees or the environment.

Qualified technicians.

Our specialised translators are passionate about engineering. Many of our technical translators first completed a technical study and then ended up in the profession of a translator (after an additional study). It is hard to say what their first passion is, language or engineering.

Our strength

“We translate into 74 languages since 1976, with748 translators"

ISO certified technical translations


ISO 17100:2015 CERTIFIED

Our approach for technical translations is ISO 17100:2015 certified. The ISO 17100:2015 standard is an international standard for translation services. The requirements of this norm are related to the knowledge level of translators, the competence of the project managers, the use of skilled revisors and the workflow. Tekom Vertalers is audited by the renowned inspection institution Kiwa every year.

Technical marketing text

Product specifications, product brochures and packaging texts have to be technically correct, but often they also have to be a good text in terms of marketing. As a translation agency, we know that this is not our technical translators’ strongest suit...

This is how we solved this problem: The technical translator translates the text using the correct jargon. Then the revisor turns it into a nice and smooth text. For cases like this, the fact that we are an all-round translation agency comes in handy.


We translate manuals for both products, where the end users are consumers, and machines used in industry or business. Manuals often contain a lot of repetition. You can benefit from this.