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Tekom Vertalers is distinctive, among others. by being the only translation agency in the Netherlands that is specialised in SEO. We can translate your website so that it can be easily found in the target language via Google and other search engines. We don't use tricks and never spam with key words, instead we provide high-quality texts that benefit your site.

We provide well-written, easily readable website translations to which we apply our knowledge of the algorithms used by Google. In this way we ensure that your website can be more easily found. Naturally. other factors also play a role as well. This includes site structure, article length and the use of images and videos. In addition, the number of (relevant) links to your website is important. Furthermore, to rank high in the search results, it's also important to know what the competition is up to and how popular certain search terms are. We can advise you in this regard. We can also carry out search term research in the language(s) of your choice.

You will earn back your investment

Having your website translated into a foreign language is an investment which, if you take the right approach, will bring in more customers. It's an investment well made.  And a good website translation doesn't have to be expensive. We charge our standard rates for your website translations and only charge extra for additional services such as search term research or importing translations into your CMS, which we invoice against our hourly rate. You will also receive a significant discount for a large site or multiple languages.

Website Vertaling | vertaalbureau | Tekom Vertalers


We were trained by the SEOguru to write optimized website texts and to carry out SEO research. That makes Tekom Vertalers the only translation agency in the Netherlands that is allowed to use this logo. Tekom Vertalers is specialised in website translations. We are the dedicated translation partner of DTG. Tekom Vertalers can translate your website in any language. Tekom Vertalers can also carry out search term research for you.


We are familiar with several Content Management Systems (CMS), such as Joomla and WordPress, and most other open-source systems. Depending on how sophisticated the system is, translating a website directly in a CMS often takes longer, and this extra time will be invoiced. If you opt to enter the texts into your CMS yourself, be aware that this will take extra time and that you need to have some understanding of the target language in order to post translated texts in the CMS. We advise you to carefully consider whether you will enter the texts into your CMS yourself or have us do this for you. We would be happy to discuss the best approach with you and provide you with a quote with no obligation.

Content management

It's not enough to simply translate your website. A website that is easy to find - and that continues to be so - must be updated regularly and must include news items and articles. If you are serious about your international plans, you must keep both your original website and the foreign language sites up to date. For an attractive rate we can take this off your hands.  You deliver the articles in the source language to us, or indicate which articles on the site have been updated, and we'll take care of the rest. You only pay for the translation costs, the rest is all part of the service.

Search term research

Website translation involves a number of important aspects. The most important thing is to ascertain what the key search term is for your website. This will depend on the product or service that you want to promote, as well as the search behaviour of your target audience and what your competition is doing. The key search term is also essential to the translation of your homepage. Once we have determined the key search term, we will take the same approach to determine the (long tail) search terms for the other pages in mutual consultation. If such search terms have not already been established for the original website, we can act as a consultant and/or seek the advice of an expert, who in turn may offer further recommendations on other matters that are relevant for SEO.


Tekom's internal language team has been trained by the SEOguru and as such, we carry the SEOguru logo and are recognised as a specialist SEO company. We work according to the Google guidelines for webmasters and can provide advice in the field of search engine-friendly websites, web texts and SEO. We keep our knowledge up to date via SEOguru and are informed of developments in the field. Refresher courses are, in fact, a condition for bearing the SEOguru logo.

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website vertaling | vertaalbureau | Tekom Vertalers
website vertaling | vertaalbureau | Tekom Vertalers
website vertaling | vertaalbureau | Tekom Vertalers